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Material Handling Equipment Sales, Parts & Service in Louisville, Kentucky

MH Equipment supplies JCB construction equipment sales and rentals, material handling equipment as well as attachments, parts, repair and service. Here on our interactive site you can shop for JCB forklifts, excavators, compactors, loaders, backhoes, and more. We feature one of the largest selections of quality new, refurbished and used machinery in Louisville, Kentucky.

Replacing construction equipment can be a pain and we understand this at MH JCB so our trained professionals will answer all of your questions and help you get your operation back to maximum performance. Whether you seek new or used construction equipment for sale, need to upgrade an attachment or part, or just need to repair or service one of your current machines you can trust that we will fulfill your need and have you back to job site promptly.

MH Equipment Company
3306 Gilmore Industrial Blvd Louisville, KY 40213
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J.C. Bamford is one of the top manufacturers of construction equipment in the world and you can find JCB machinery being used for agriculture, compaction, construction, industrial, recycling and waste management operations on nearly every continent. Each piece features the impeccable durability, safety and innovative design that the JCB brand has been built around and will give you an edge over your competition. Here at MH Equipment, we have been proud to rent, sell, repair and service these impressive machines since 1952. Each and everyday we work hard to provide quality service to our loyal customers and live up to the reputation that comes with being a JCB dealership.

If you are not in Louisville, KY you can visit one of our other Kentucky locations including Lexington, CalvertCity, and Bowling Green or one of our other Midwest JCB dealers in Charleston, WV, Cincinnati, OH or Indianapolis, IN. Each of our full service dealerships carry new, pre-owned and refurbished JCB construction equipment so you can shop for a forklift, lift truck, excavator, compactor, loader, backhoe or other piece of heavy machinery at every location. If regular maintenance is all you need we can help you out there as well with a variety of attachments and parts as well as award winning repair and service departments.

Visit MH JCB Equipment today at 3306 Gilmore Industrial Blvd in Louisville or call us locally (502-962-6560) or toll-free (877-880-7089). We will do our best to help improve the efficiency of your business by providing the construction equipment solutions you need!

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